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Dear students:

Dear students:

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

On penpals and handwritings.

Penpals exist since more than a thousand years ago before any technology. The .net discourages handwriting and replaced with typewriting ass alphabets are standardized, fonts could be changed, font sizes and word count. One could never have the change to practice handwriting when one types a lot. How could you get a good flow of ideas when you are typing and looking at the screen at the same time ?and fighting for time not having to pay more in cybercafes.  Never would people type their letters earlier using Microsoft word, save it before send it in cybercafes. They would just go in and type short messages to exchange views, but they are not detail. Friendship becomes an easy thing to get.                  

Readers digest

Dear editor,

I am a teacher and I am starting to write out to the printed media. Usually I would write articles, but this year I just start to send the articles out. I would appreciate it if you could consider my articles and guide me on how to write for your periodical. Thank you.

On finding books

The interest in reading has brought me to many places in Kuala Lumpur and Melaka. I have bee nsearching for books since I was in form 4, father taught to read books, starting from early children storybooks, then teenage books. I did not go fro magazines. I did not like to read newspapers, as there are too much flow of ideas and news. The articles are short, updated, never consistent, always changing and I could not set up flow of thoughts over everything.  I believe in reading books, it will get my thinking cap on top. The emergence of the internet would kill the book industry, as information becomes paperless, but no, books are not on the net, they are on papers only. I have tried .net before but I the satisfaction is not there. I would want my reading material to be there when I need it, get to hold it while waiting for something, to be read in the car, after meals etc. for me, reading from the screen limits our movements, as we want reading to be done at all times. Not just when the computer is turned on.
So it sends me away to look for old bookstores, junk books around central market, new age stores such as in klcc, borders etc. the store even let us read the books, whether we want to buy it or just looking around. I would go for my interest, that is on magic, books of this area is very expensive when we go to the actual magic store.when I was transferred ti jasin, I could see there were only 2 shops selling books, the better ones are in ayer keroh and that is all. Most shops only have educational, school references which I already have plenty.

Jotting down

Jotting down life’s events is not a cup of tea for everyone. People do not see the importance of having to do such hassle. When someone writes, the person indulges into own world. People’s birthdays, life’s events, the happiest moments and the most thoughtful events happening in a person’s life. Have we been changing, where were we on this date, 2 years back ? having the same diary for 3 years from 04 until 07, and writing down my events into still available spaces, makes me think, have I improved? Befriending new people, eating unusual food that I seldom taste. Whatever happens to my old friends whose birthdays are in my diary, the people I have stopped meeting, all the telephone numbers I used to dial.

Jotting is never a burden, it gives satisfaction to keep track my social circle, monetary and others. I also can know things I should change, the times I went out to town, and perhaps names of persons I met. I have to pen off now. I have to get life’s experiences today for a few hours before having anything to write about, and relate it with reliable sources. Then, we know our lives must be backed up with knowledge